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Whether you are just starting to build a collection, looking for a particular piece, need advice or even if you want to sell some work; Walls & Frames are expertly placed to assist and advise you in all matters of Urban Contemporary Art.....

Buying Art.


Urban Contemporary Art, Urban Art, Street Art, Low-Brow Art .... whatever you like to call it, is now a recognised art genre with a very vibrant and active scene across the world.

Many prominent collectors as well as recognised institutions are adding Street Artists to their permanent collections and Investors are now seeing street artists and Urban Art or Urban Contemporary art as one of the fastest growing sectors of the art market over the next 10 years.   Collecting Street Art has become incredibly popular both as a luxury item for home decor providing an alternative and more edgy appeal and as a very real investment vehicle. 


The rate of return on some works of art can be incredible and the sudden popularity and increased demand within the scene provides a real opportunity to create an art portfolio of popular collectible urban street artists before they become unaffordable.


And its no longer just about Banksy !

Stik, Space Invader, Conor Harrington, Sweet Toof, Shepard Fairey .....the list is endless. The demand in these long established street artists has soared and the emergence of new and exciting artists such as Pejac, Borondo, Charming Baker, Josh Keyes.....  has created an incredible buzz and the demand for street artist work is constantly increasing


Whether you are looking to add to your portfolio or would like assistance in curating your collection; Walls & Frames are here to assist with a wide range of affordable art from an equally wide range of collectible artists...

Original Artwork, Limited Edition Prints, Multiples, 1/1's, Sculpture or even Taxidermy.... Walls & Frames provide a constantly changing gallery as well as the ability to source specific works that you may not see online.  We also offer bespoke services, using our knowledge & expertise to review and curate your collection or locate rare works not available openly through our discrete network of collectors and art enthusiasts.

If you are looking for something specific or would like a bespoke service in curating a collection tailored to your specific tastes or needs then Contact Us with your requirements and we will see be in touch.


Sometimes your collection will need to be assessed and maybe even 'thinned-out' a little.  At Walls & Frames we are always interested in adding to our inventory and welcome any sales enquiries...

If you are interested in selling any particular work then please use our contact us page to give a brief description of the work you are selling, we will respond normally within 24-48 hours and if it is something that interests us will be able to offer a very straight forward and hassle free arrangement. 


Selling Art


We also offer great consignment services, giving you a platform to sell your work with commission based fees based on the final sale value. Our rates are competitive and our customer service exceptional.


By using our consignment services you benefit from the ever growing Walls & Frames Brand.

Initial engagement is via our contact us page..... Once we have held preliminary discussions about the work you would like to sell, quality and price expectations, and, if everyone is in agreement you will send the work to us.

We will thoroughly inspect the work and provide you with a comprehensive assessment. Once the final details have been agreed and a formal agreement is in place we will photograph and advertise your work via the Walls and Frames platform offering it for sale at the pre-agreed price.

At the point of sale, Walls & Frames will manage the transaction to completion, ensuring the work is professionally packaged and dispatched to the customer. Final settlement to you will be minus all agreed costs and commission. 

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